Food from the farm,
not the factory

For lovers of raw,
real and whole foods

Health foods
with heart and soul


Grub Organics is a haven for lovers of raw, real and whole foods

Our mission

To provide a space in the community where people can share their knowledge and love for holistic health and wellness. We want to empower people to take responsibility for their own health and happiness, and want every single person who leaves our store to feel excited and hopeful about their future!

Grub Organics

Qualities we look for when selecting stock:

  • Certified organic
  • Minimally processed
  • Local – we LOVE and are proud to support as many local growers and small businesses as possible

We offer:

  • An amazing range of fresh organic fruits and vegetables
  • Organic meats, poultry, dairy and eggs
  • High quality and nutritious breads
  • A large range of organic grocery items and super foods
  • Bulk nuts, seeds and wholefoods
  • Freshly made nut butters
  • Organic skin and body care, laundry and cleaning products
  • Inspiring books about nutrition, holistic health and wellness
  • A unique and high quality range of dried herbs
  • Natural and alternative medicines
  • Free qualified naturopathic advice

Inspired Webinar

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Was so inspired by Cyndi O’Meara and Jess Ainscough’s live Webinar last night. Felt so privileged to be able to listen in to these amazing two women talking about getting…

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Timari Street Shop

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Watch us over the coming weeks as you drive by, transforming our little Timari Street shop into a haven for lovers of all things WHOLE and REAL. Lee and Nikki…

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Local Produce

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Really, really excited to be connecting with some AMAZING locals producing some awe-inspiring real foods. Cannot WAIT to stock some of these beautiful products and support these gorgeous people. I…

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